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Our experiences with SCADA systems has been mainly with RSVIEW 32. This included building Batching plants systems and writing VBA applications to handle the recipe selections and maintenance of the recipe database. In keeping with the system of diagnostics, valves, motors pipe work etc had clearly defined colours. These were designed to indicate visually whether the fault can be rectified locally or specialist help was needed. These colours were if the plant was in a default state i.e. if a valve was normally closed then the default colour was gray. If it was open it was green. If both limits were off then the valve was deemed to be moving hence the icon would flash yellow. If both limits were on the valve would indicate red. Next to the icon would be a triangle to indicate whether the PLC was driving the valve shut or open. As a consequence further information from the screen can be interpreted if the valve failed to close or failed to open.


The VBA recipe handling application was developed three stages were needed. The first stage was to select the recipe from the PC. This was considered the recipe NEW. The next stage was to transfer it to a holding stage within the PLC. This was called the RECIPE to LOAD. On the plant being empty and on a physical initiation by means of a switch the recipes was transferred to RECIPE CURRENT. That way recipes can be loaded in readiness for a quick turn around.


Data logging was used extensively to monitor all possible data. This data was converted to information on Excel spreadsheet for analysis by relevant personnel such as quality assurance.  



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